We believe the quality and timely availability of parts and service are key competitive factors, significant elements in overall customer satisfaction and strong contributors to the decision to rent equipment.

Each of our locations maintains a full range of high-turnover parts to allow us to quickly repair the equipment we rent and sell. Slower moving parts are stored at our central purchasing facility in Las Vegas for distribution to our locations when needed.

We handle all logistical arrangements through agreements with nationally recognized overnight carriers. We track each location's parts inventory through our centralized computer system, which allows us to monitor our overall inventory and adjust its distribution throughout our locations. Through our centralized parts tracking and logistical arrangements, we are able to transfer parts among our locations to maximize utilization.

If parts are unavailable at any of our locations or our central purchasing facility, the experienced purchasing agents at our central purchasing facility will purchase the parts from a manufacturer or supplier, often at previously negotiated prices. Whenever possible, we purchase our parts in volume to take advantage of discounts and other favorable terms. We also have agreements with national suppliers to provide certain items, such as batteries and filters, to our locations.